Friday, May 27, 2011

Review - Oscar Brandi hair product and also morrocon/aragon oil

So, I have wavy, unruly hair. It also tends to get flat on top. When I saw this product at Sephora I was excited by what it claimed to do...and I'm happy to report it didn't dissapoint! It instantly makes my hair feel smooth and relaxed, but at the same time gives volume to the roots. So it definitely did everything it said it would do. I highly recommend this product to anyone who seeks a product that will straighten, smooth, and add volume.



There is no residue from the spray, and the hair remains soft no matter how much you use. All other volumizing products I have used before always left a residue, this one does not!

            Moving on to the next product I wanted to share with you, Aragan oil, or also referred to as Moroccon oil, is something I've been using for about six months now. Aragan oil is known for hyrdrating and moisturizing skin and hair. Being someone who has put my hair through A LOT, (all sorts of colors) I definitely have some split ends and damaged areas. I wanted to find a product that would really help saturate my dry hair and get it back to a healthy state. I can tell you that my hair is noticeably stronger and the split ends are hardly noticeable now.  I spray two sprays while my hair is still wet, then blow dry. You can consider this a daily moisturizer treatment for your hair.

 You can purchase this from the beauty supply store or from most regular beauty supply chain stores like Sally's. Josie Maran makes one for Sephora that I hear works well.