Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shoe favorite 2011

I was planning on doing a post of some highlights of 2011...but then I started to think about the low lights  and the whole idea lost it's charm. This year went by incredibly fast. Scary fast. I can remember last January very clearly and here it is upon us again. Anyone who enjoys soap operas would probably enjoy a story or two of mine from this past year, but I try to keep this blog fashion oriented. 

Having said that, in order to keep things superficial, today's post is this: My favorite pair of shoes from 2011.  This took me a minute to decide. Boots, heels, platforms, wedges,'s hard to pick just one. I picked these Lauren Conrad nude heels. I have seen much more expensive versions that also come in other colors. I love the nude because it flatters the legs and can be worn with so many different things.

          I will try to never post about these shoes again, but what can I say? When you have a favorite, you have a favorite. These are easy to walk in and they can be worn with just about anything. They were also one of the lowest priced shoes that I bought this past year.

         What are some of your favorite things from 2011? 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Navy and Beige

I love navy blue. To me, navy is the new black, has been for a while. Anyways, there are several colors that I adore with navy, such as: red, yellow, bright pink and beige shades. Animal print also looks great with this classic color. I always love a good dress as well as knee high boots. Knee high boots are always a favorite of mine this time of year! Anyways, the outfit below incorporates some of my favorite things: navy, dresses, and knee high well as the great leopart print clutch. Simple and chic.



Friday, December 23, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 and Tarte natural lipstick

One of my favorite cosmetic pieces is my Urban Decay Naked palette. Recently, Urban Decay came out with the Naked Palette 2. Even though the "2" is still a nice palette, I definitely prefer the original palette, as I find it more wearable.

2 palette

original Naked palette on bottom, 2 palette on top

My other recent must have is from Tarte, which is an organic makeup brand. Tarte is a recent discovery of mine, I am in love with this brand and wish I would have found it sooner. The newest product by Tarte that I am loving is the 24/7 natural lip sheer lipstick spf 15. Lately I have been loving hot pink and red tones for lips, but this natural shade made me fall in love with a simple lip again. The name says it all: 24/7 natural lipstick. To be honest, whenever I hear the word natural, sometimes I get bored. I think of the word natural and I think "naked", nothing is there. Even though this lipstick is very natural looking,  it gives a beautiful, natural glow. A very light rose color that would work with any skintone.  That is what makes this lipstick so amazing to me, it is so easy to wear and anyone can pull it off. Budgetwise, this liptstick is the one piece that you need because you can wear it every day. I love the subtle color it gives, while remaining natural and easy to wear.

Available at Sephora

I urge you to try Tarte's natural lipstick on, it works with the natural color of your lips to develop its own shade.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Current love: Houndstooth

I can't get enough of houndstooth this season. Whether it's on scarves, a skirt, or dresses, I love this print because it is classic and it is fun to add pops of color to it.


What are some of your favorite prints and patterns right now?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I accidentally bought some Christmas gifts for myself...

Like many of you, I have been trying to finish my Christmas shopping lately. Every year the same thing happens- I end up shopping for myself. Oops!  The hot pink purse below is a current favorite of mine, I got a great price on it...and the inside is what sold me! I found it last week while I was shopping for my sister.


         This is a lazy Outfit of the day photo. I used:  the pink bag, my favorite nude mary jane pumps,  a favorite  Betsey Johnson necklace,  and my favorite Mac lipstick Ruby Woo, which I was first inspired to try after seeing Gwen Stefani sporting it at The Grammys. She can pull off bold makeup like no one's business! I love this girly photo.

I hope everyone has been more successful with their Christmas shopping than I have, meaning you didn't get distracted and buy for yourself. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Every girl should have some studs in her life

     Every time I watch the first Sex and the City movie, I fall in love all over again with the studded  belt Carrie wears. She wears this belt in several different scenes in the movie. It was probably the 5th time I watched this movie that I realized just how many scenes this belt appears in. I think part of this is due to the way she mixes up the usage of the belt. What a great example of how to wear one piece in several different ways.


      The first scene we see the belt in is the scene where Carrie and Big go apartment hunting, which is where the picture above comes from. I love how the belt is paired with such a beautiful, elegant dress. It is always fun to use an edgy piece paired with something girly.  

Sidetrack moment: I didn't even notice the adorable Eiffel Tower purse of her's the first few times I watched the movie. Love it!

                                                  Eiffel Tower purse

           Back to the belt...

                                   Next, the belt appears in the scene where Carrie calls Samantha to announce her engagement. In this scene, Carrie is wearing an adorable hot pink dress. Hot pink and black look great together, so again I loved this look.


                  The next scene the belt appears in is a much sadder time for Carrie. She is still in the process of taking in her broken relationship with Big. The belt appears in the scene where Carrie and Miranda are doing some Halloween shopping in a drugstore.Carrie is also wearing this outfit when she spots the Vogue magazine which featured a story on her upcoming wedding to Big. She buys the magazine in shame and scampers off in her fabulous outfit.


              The last picture of Carrie with the belt is from promos for the movie, I do not believe this outfit appears in the film itself.