Saturday, December 27, 2014

Simple Jewelry- layering

I love to layer my jewelry; sometimes you know you HAVE to when you have certain pieces that go together.

This Sun and Moon Necklace is a chic piece to wear year round. Definitely one of my favorites ;)

Two Broke Girls Necklace

I'll always love pearls. I still get asked a lot to make the Two Broke Girls necklace..

I have an old post,Two Broke Girls Necklace Tutorial , which should help you out with how to make this necklace.

If you haven't made jewelry before, I warn you that the process of making this necklace can be frustrating.
You can order one premade through my Etsy (Molly Jean Jewelry), if you don't see a necklace ready to order simply send me a message via Etsy and I can have one up within a couple days.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

emily clutch

emily clutch

Balmain red dress
$3,510 -

Christian Louboutin red shoes

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Easy diy Christmas treat

Mason Jars (obviously :) )
Small Baileys 

Powdered milk (1/2 cup each jar)
Unsweetened Coco powder  (1/2 cup each jar)
Sugar -1/2 cup
Salt - just a pinch 
Chocolate chips 1/2 cup each jar
Peppermint - 3/4 cup each jar
Marshmelllows - 1 cup each jar

I adjusted the recipe by adding a little more sugar and chocolate chips than what the original recipe called for (3/4) 3/4 a cup wasn't enough to make the layering look cute for the chocolate chips and peppermint, so I added more. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Can we talk about...

How chic pantsuits can be when done right? I used to shy away from any type of jumpsuit getup, but times have changed. Whether full length pants or shorts,  jumpsuits are a refreshing break from dresses and everyday slacks.


 About 99% of time when female celebrities hit the red carpet for events, we see them in beautiful dresses.
It is refreshing to see jumpsuits making a comeback, red carpet included. Here is Allegra Riggio wearing a jumpsuit by Adrianna Papell (courtesy of Pistol and Stamen). I love this look; I would have never thought to pair the fur peace with the suit, but I am liking it. Ps- the suit is more beautiful in person.
I met Allegra briefly when she came into the PR agency/showroom I work for. She seemed to be a full of life, beautiful soul. I loved how elegant the jumpsuit looked on her when she tried it on that day. Glad to see she enjoyed herself in her Adrianna Papell pieces.