Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gone with the Wind - 75th anniversary

This week marks the 75th anniversary of when  Gone with the Wind was first published. Not long after, it was made into a film. I went my first 23 years of life never seeing Gone with the Wind; it just didn't appeal to me. It wasn't until I saw my mother watching it, I walked into the room and saw these gorgeous costumes fill the screen. I immediately wanted to watch the movie just for the costumes alone.

To this date, Gone with the Wind is definitely my favorite film for when it comes to costumes. Talk about bold fashion- and this movie was made in the late 1930's, mind you, so the fact that the costumes were done so beautifully - way back then- still blows my mind. The costume piece I love the most is the green and white dress Scarlett wears to the barbeque party, so the dress is now known as the barbeque dress.

These pictures absolutely do not do the costumes justice; they look amazing on the big screen. Anyways, this is my small tribute to Gone with the Wind in honor of the anniversary. Yes, a great storyline, but I adore this film for its legendary costumes. Below are more pictures of costumes from the film I enjoy.

The lace shawl she is wearing is stunning

I love the dress she is wearing in this scene but could not find a full body shot.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Britney Spears Concert feat Nicki Minaj- Staples Center

Monday night in Los Angeles I saw Britney Spears in her Femme Fetale tour at the Staples Center. The show was great- Britney has so many fun songs, old and recent. So many great dance songs to sing along to, and on top of that, Britney looked beautiful. She had great costumes, plenty of different outfits all throughout the show.

So many bright colors and wonderful stage props. Everything from a giant guitar, dragons, a pink convertible, and more.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To order from across the pond or not...

So, unfortunately, I discovered a clothing company online based in the UK that has some really cute and sexy blouses. I say unfortunately because I live in the states, and the last time I ordered internationally ( from Miss Selfridge)- there was a problem. I needed to send the item back because they sent me the wrong size, so I paid again for shipping to have the item returned, which the shipping cost was more expensive than the item itself! But I digress...when I never received my correct size from them, I found out they "never received" my item that I had shipped back. So I was out of about $70 for a skirt I never received.

Having said that...the cute clothing company I am talking about is called Blue Banana. I came across a particular blouse that I must have, so I am debating ordering from across the pond. What to do?!?!

Also, I found most of the items by Blue Banana that I loved through, so I'm not really sure about ordering through them yet...but how cute is that top? It looks oh so flattering for the girls, and I always love a good shoulder cut out. Anyways, have any of you ordered through Blue Banana before? Just curious...

Anyways, below is a general idea of what I would wear this top with...

1. Blue Banana top
2. Citizens of Humanity straight leg jeans - any jeans will do, I just bought a straight leg pair for $20.00 at Forever 21
3. Juicy Necklace- I justed used this picture because it is a simple, plain, yet elegant necklace, which I thought was what the blouse needed
4. Big Buddha bag - great white bag for summer
5. BCBG Nesta heels- love the color of this shoe for summer

And probably top it all off with a bold red lip!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paint splatter fun

Paint splatter. Splatter paint. Can't decide which way I like saying it better. Anywho....

A fun trend from the 80's (what trend from the 80's isnt fun though?) is back - which is the paint splatter effect. What maks the paint splatter trend so much fun is anyone can do it; whether it be a decorative pillow or a t- shirt, the splatter effect gives a fun, artsy touch to whatever you are working with. It is definitely a playful/random  trend that I'm loving.

My paint splatter obsession started last month when I found this dress online- which I must have.

 ...I also came across these, which I thought were fun 

                       I LOVE This bright splatter dress, my favorite colors


                 Then I got to thinking "what else can be splattered?"  Um, anything you want!


                                     love the orange and blue on the bracelet

                                      How cute is this bag?

                       Get creative with decorating...

This is also a big trend right now- which is paint splatter over a print, in this case splatter over zebra print          

This weekend I am going to "splatter" a few things - maybe I'll post how they turn out. Give it a try if you're bored and feeling creative! I recommend going outside to an area that will be easy to clean up for you. I set some newspapers on the ground, and then splatter my little heart out. Easy clean up.

If you are wanting something basic to splatter, pick up some plain tank tops or tees from target or wal mart.