Saturday, October 30, 2010

Project Runway angers me once again

Just like last season, this year's winner was the bitchy girl who you knew would make it to the top 5, but saw no way of her making it to fashion week. Or at least I didn't. I was at a loss for words when I realized my biggest worry of the evening was coming true- sweet, cute Little Mondo was runner up to know it all Gretchen. Yes, GRETCHEN won.

What really gets me is, things that the judges end up kicking other contestants off for - like telling Michael he used the same colors over and over again, making his clothes look the same., are things current contestants get away with.All of Gretchen's designs can be summed up in one word for me: 70's.  If you are wanting to dress like a Bohemian chick from the 70's, then yes, Gretchen has some things for you. But that's ALL she has.

The judges said she is always "right on trend". No comment on that.

At least Heidi and Jessica Simpson were in agreement that Mondo was the true winner, but Nina Garcia and Michael Kors got their way and so Gretchen was crowned.  

In honor of my favorite Project Runway contestant, Mondo, here are just a few pictures of some of my favorite looks of his. He is amazing with patterns and bold colors! There is no designer who produces anything close to his fun, yet wearable work.

 I sincerely hope to see work from both Mondo and Andy in the future.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fashion Terminology - Skirts

Types of Skirts

A line-  This skirt is fitted at the waist and slightly flairs out at the bottom, giving it an A shape.  The skirt fits snuggly at the waist and lightly grazes the hips and thights.

Ballerina -  a full skirt that stops just above the knees

Bubble- the hem is the same width as the waist, which gives the skirt a "bubble" appearance

     Bubble skirt right above the knee                                                                                                                                                                   Bubble Dress

Flared- same shape as an A line, but more of a significant flare at the bottom.

Tube- tight fitting skirt, especially around the hips

Tulip- given this name because its shape looks like an upside down tulip, this skirt hugs your waist then ever so slightly flares out

Pencil skirt, aka Straight skirt-  tailored for a tighter fit, this skirt falls straight from the hip down to just below the knee. This skirt has a long and slim shape.

picture from

Pleated- usually short skirts that are well above the knee, the pleats, or "folds" help reduce the flare of the skirt


Length names for skirts and dresses

Mini- Hemline is above the knee by usually at least 4 inches.
Micro Mini- you guessed it- even shorter then the mini
Midi- at the knee
Max- floor or ankle length
Tea length- a true tea length dress hits closer to the bottom of the calf. However, these days, anything that hits at least the knee and longer is considered tea length.

Monday, October 18, 2010

.Halloween Baking

I love Halloween and love baking cute treats for Halloween night. Here are some of the treats I made last year, and will make again this year

                                     Blood n Bones    (Bread twisted at the ends to look like bones w/ Marinara sauce) 

                                    So easy to make- You can even use the Pillsbury bread that is ready for you to pop in the oven, just tie the ends in knots so they look like bones.

                            Ghost Bites   - Doesn't get any easier than this. Take Nutter Butters and dip them in white chocolate, then give Mini Choc. Chips for the eyes


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beauty must haves

Aside from the obvious products every female should have (concealer, blush, mascara, eyeliner) here are some products I love and use daily.

High Beam - Benefit
A great highlighter- this gives your skin a dewey, fresh look. Apply to cheeks and eyebrow arches. My skin does not look as smooth and fresh without this, this is one of my favorite makeup products. I recommend the high beam for people with fair skin. For those of you with more color, I recommend the Moon Beam. (works better with olive tones)


Bronzer is a must have- for most of us, our faces don't tan as easily as our bodies do. I love a good bronzer that gives me color but still looks natural looking. I have a few favorite bronzers tht I have used before, one of them is by Too Faced

Caribbean In A Compact - Sun BunnyCaribbean bronzer- sun bunny

To get natural, (none of that orange junk) instant color, I recommend Jiffy Tan by Benefit. It goes on so easily, and the color is instant, therefore, you can fix any little mistakes you have. I put on a regular lotion a few minutes before this so that it goes on more smoothly. I haven't had any problems with this rubbing off on my clothes either, which is very important!