Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fashion Terminology - Skirts

Types of Skirts

A line-  This skirt is fitted at the waist and slightly flairs out at the bottom, giving it an A shape.  The skirt fits snuggly at the waist and lightly grazes the hips and thights.

Ballerina -  a full skirt that stops just above the knees

Bubble- the hem is the same width as the waist, which gives the skirt a "bubble" appearance

     Bubble skirt right above the knee                                                                                                                                                                   Bubble Dress

Flared- same shape as an A line, but more of a significant flare at the bottom.

Tube- tight fitting skirt, especially around the hips

Tulip- given this name because its shape looks like an upside down tulip, this skirt hugs your waist then ever so slightly flares out

Pencil skirt, aka Straight skirt-  tailored for a tighter fit, this skirt falls straight from the hip down to just below the knee. This skirt has a long and slim shape.

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Pleated- usually short skirts that are well above the knee, the pleats, or "folds" help reduce the flare of the skirt


Length names for skirts and dresses

Mini- Hemline is above the knee by usually at least 4 inches.
Micro Mini- you guessed it- even shorter then the mini
Midi- at the knee
Max- floor or ankle length
Tea length- a true tea length dress hits closer to the bottom of the calf. However, these days, anything that hits at least the knee and longer is considered tea length.