Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pretty nails make life a little better

I know  minx nails aren't exactly anything new, but I tried them for the first time last week. For those of you who are not familiar with minx nails- to put it simply, they have a heat activated adhesive back which allows you to shape the piece to your nail accordingly. Many people then use tiny scissors to cut off access pieces. I had mine done at the salon and was surprised at how long it took! I thought "hey they are just stickers, it probably takes 15 minutes to slap them on."  No no no. My manicurist was very precise with the shaping and cutting of each sticker to the shape of my nail. It took her about an hour and twenty minutes, which is too long for me. I do love these nails though!

     The minx only last 1 - 2 weeks. Do not be confused by sticker nails you see at places like Sephora. They are sticker nails, not heat activated- they will only last you the night. (The package says 1-2 days, maybe I am just terrible at putting them on, but I have heard many other girls say the same thing) Minx is it's own brand, available at most salons. For a list of salons that carry Minx, see the link below:


 I had seen minx a long time ago- I just thought it was really, really, shiny nail polish though. Now I understand what they are ;). The shine factor is definitely what I love the most about minx. The average price for a minx mani is $35.00

                  Lady Gaga with gold Minx

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jewelry Organization

   Organizing jewelry can be tricky. It can be easy to get lazy and leave jewelry laying around, I know because  I have been guilty of this. This not only makes your room look messy, but it makes it easy to lose track of your jewelry...I had my jewelry stolen this way a few years back (I had left some laying out while I had "guests" over) Funny how I still have rage over that. However, if I would have had it put away up where it belonged, this most likely would not have happened. Having said that, God bless the souls of the bastards that stole it from me, I still loathe you. And I'll leave it at that. Moving on...

I have a box for my nicer pieces and also for my pieces  that can't hang , but for all the rest I use a couple different displays.  I like to be able to easily see everything I have on display. Reminds me of how Carrie  Bradshaw wanted her money right where she could see it -hanging in her closet. Anywho, I want to have just one  big display of all my jewelry on my wall, but for now this is what I have going on.

                             I love this fun piece for my rings and bracelets

This display is primarily for necklaces and bracelets. You don't want to put too many pieces on it because then it becomes a hassle to select the piece you want.


                                           This display can hold rings, bracelets, and necklaces - it just gets messy if you put too much on it which is why I have left it pretty bare for now. I love this mannequin esque piece, my sister gave it to me for my birthday one year. It is actually suppose to be hung on a wall but I like mine standing.

How do you organize your jewelry? What works best for you?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Summer items Wishlist

I am kicking myself for not grabbing these platforms when I had the chance- I wasn't expecting them to sell out so fast. They aren't even available online right now in my size. I have no idea if more will be shipped out or not, I will have to wait and see.

                                       Lauren Conrad "Milo" platforms, currently $43.00

                                                  Jessica Simpson "Tookie" platforms...I love them in every color, especially the orange.      $79.00

Do you recognize this dress?


How about now.....


                  Heritage stretch jersey V neck dress by  Halston / $325.00  (Nordstrom carried this)

 I've been wanting this dress since I first saw it in the Sex and the City movie on SJP back in 2008. At $325, let's just say I've been waiting to find a cheaper version of this dress. It is so chic and looks like it would be very flattering on. Also, doesn't it look extremely comfortable? Nothing like a cute yet comfy dress that you love being in all day. I have been wanting a white, pref  3/4 sleeve, v neck dress for summer. This looks perfect. I love this dress more each time I see it in the movie.  I plan on making it a shopping mission to find a dress very close to this one! (If you have seen one, by all means let me know, thanks)


 I think the orange Jessica Simpson platforms would look fabulous with my white dream dress. I would most likely pair the shoes with my favorite Big Buddha shoulder bag, which is very close to being the same shade as the shoes. They work nicely together even though they are not the exact same shade.