Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paint splatter fun

Paint splatter. Splatter paint. Can't decide which way I like saying it better. Anywho....

A fun trend from the 80's (what trend from the 80's isnt fun though?) is back - which is the paint splatter effect. What maks the paint splatter trend so much fun is anyone can do it; whether it be a decorative pillow or a t- shirt, the splatter effect gives a fun, artsy touch to whatever you are working with. It is definitely a playful/random  trend that I'm loving.

My paint splatter obsession started last month when I found this dress online- which I must have.

 ...I also came across these, which I thought were fun 

                       I LOVE This bright splatter dress, my favorite colors


                 Then I got to thinking "what else can be splattered?"  Um, anything you want!


                                     love the orange and blue on the bracelet

                                      How cute is this bag?

                       Get creative with decorating...

This is also a big trend right now- which is paint splatter over a print, in this case splatter over zebra print          

This weekend I am going to "splatter" a few things - maybe I'll post how they turn out. Give it a try if you're bored and feeling creative! I recommend going outside to an area that will be easy to clean up for you. I set some newspapers on the ground, and then splatter my little heart out. Easy clean up.

If you are wanting something basic to splatter, pick up some plain tank tops or tees from target or wal mart.