Friday, December 23, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 and Tarte natural lipstick

One of my favorite cosmetic pieces is my Urban Decay Naked palette. Recently, Urban Decay came out with the Naked Palette 2. Even though the "2" is still a nice palette, I definitely prefer the original palette, as I find it more wearable.

2 palette

original Naked palette on bottom, 2 palette on top

My other recent must have is from Tarte, which is an organic makeup brand. Tarte is a recent discovery of mine, I am in love with this brand and wish I would have found it sooner. The newest product by Tarte that I am loving is the 24/7 natural lip sheer lipstick spf 15. Lately I have been loving hot pink and red tones for lips, but this natural shade made me fall in love with a simple lip again. The name says it all: 24/7 natural lipstick. To be honest, whenever I hear the word natural, sometimes I get bored. I think of the word natural and I think "naked", nothing is there. Even though this lipstick is very natural looking,  it gives a beautiful, natural glow. A very light rose color that would work with any skintone.  That is what makes this lipstick so amazing to me, it is so easy to wear and anyone can pull it off. Budgetwise, this liptstick is the one piece that you need because you can wear it every day. I love the subtle color it gives, while remaining natural and easy to wear.

Available at Sephora

I urge you to try Tarte's natural lipstick on, it works with the natural color of your lips to develop its own shade.