Sunday, December 4, 2011

Every girl should have some studs in her life

     Every time I watch the first Sex and the City movie, I fall in love all over again with the studded  belt Carrie wears. She wears this belt in several different scenes in the movie. It was probably the 5th time I watched this movie that I realized just how many scenes this belt appears in. I think part of this is due to the way she mixes up the usage of the belt. What a great example of how to wear one piece in several different ways.


      The first scene we see the belt in is the scene where Carrie and Big go apartment hunting, which is where the picture above comes from. I love how the belt is paired with such a beautiful, elegant dress. It is always fun to use an edgy piece paired with something girly.  

Sidetrack moment: I didn't even notice the adorable Eiffel Tower purse of her's the first few times I watched the movie. Love it!

                                                  Eiffel Tower purse

           Back to the belt...

                                   Next, the belt appears in the scene where Carrie calls Samantha to announce her engagement. In this scene, Carrie is wearing an adorable hot pink dress. Hot pink and black look great together, so again I loved this look.


                  The next scene the belt appears in is a much sadder time for Carrie. She is still in the process of taking in her broken relationship with Big. The belt appears in the scene where Carrie and Miranda are doing some Halloween shopping in a drugstore.Carrie is also wearing this outfit when she spots the Vogue magazine which featured a story on her upcoming wedding to Big. She buys the magazine in shame and scampers off in her fabulous outfit.


              The last picture of Carrie with the belt is from promos for the movie, I do not believe this outfit appears in the film itself.


                                               Studs in 2011


                      I know that the Sex and the City movie featuring the studded belt came out over three years ago, but what a great example of a never dying trend! This season, studs can be found on everything, not just belts, but mostly on shoes and purses.

                      Most trends experience a "rebirth" at some point. This past year the stud experienced a rebirth in the form of spikes, a great example of this is shown in  the picture below.


        I took this picture of this wonderful studded heel at Nordstrom's in San Francisco several months ago. These heels are still very much in style this season. To see the original post featuring these heels, go to

              Ankle boots are a must have. Ankle boots with studs?  Bad ass.


                    From dressy to casual...

                                 Even the classic Converse couldn't escape this trend


                            On to the handbags/clutches...

                                 I fell in love when I discovered Rebecca Minkoff's bag collection for 2011 which features some great studded pieces.
                        Rebecca Minkoff Small Quilt and Studd affair bag $425

                                      This red one is my favorite

                                         Rebecca Minkoff $425

                                Minkoff clutches- available in different versions and colors


     Clutches- $225

If you keep an eye out, you will find some beautiful studded bags at much more affordable prices! I just had to share the Minkoff bags because they photograph so well. I recently found a great studded clutch at H&M for $18.00   So again, keep an eye out for pieces and prices that fit your lifestyle!

                                  Have you come across any studs lately?