Saturday, March 31, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Caroline's Necklace

Who makes the original two broke girls necklace? I don't know...but I make my own versions! 
Caroline's Necklace: Two Broke Girls

The only new show this year that I have grown to love is 2 Broke Girls.  2 Broke Girls is a quirky comedy about two best friends who are struggling to get by while they pursue their dream of starting a cupcake business. One of the main characters, Caroline, wears the most adorable double strand pearl necklace in almost every scene. I fell in love with this necklace as quickly as I fell in love with the show, so I had to make a necklace for myself. I get so many compliments on this whenever I wear it, I have started to get requests from friends as well as strangers for a Caroline Necklace of their own.

                             Caroline's Necklace- my version


This necklace wasn't just fun to make, but it is such a great inspiration piece. There are so many different things you could do to make different versions of this necklace (different chain, different color/size pearls) and either way it would still be adorable.

 I promise to have a tutorial on this necklace posted in the near future!  Are there any pieces of jewelry you've been lusting after?

If you don't want to make this necklace and would rather buy one ready to go, then visit my etsy shop for one :

Most recent version I made:Pinned Image

Caroline Collier: Deux filles Broke
Collana di Caroline: Due ragazze Broke
Кэролайн ожерелья: два Broke девушки