Tuesday, January 8, 2013

People Who Gloat About Causing Pain: Sociopaths or just jackasses?

People Who Gloat About Causing Pain: Sociopaths Or Just Jackasses?
by Shawnte McNabb

Two people falling for eachother is usually a beautiful thing. I say "usually" because sometimes when people fall for eachother, they are already in committed relationships with other people. We know that it happens all the time, from stories of the office secretary having an affair with the boss, to stories we read about celebrities in the tabloids. 

Disloyalty and affairs are nothing new, so I'm not here to talk about why people cheat, or anything of that nature.

 I'm here to talk about how it seems that a decent percentage of people who find themselves in situations in which they were one of the parties cheating on their significant other- find the need to act like a jackass once everything comes to to light.

Look, we are all human. We all make mistakes. I am not saying that if a person makes a mistake or sins, that they should be stoned to death.

What I am saying is that sometimes people who are having affairs or "in the wrong", if you will, in a situation- have this attitude afterwards of "Oh well. The truth's out now. Everyone can kiss my ass. This is my life." And I find this absolutely baffling.

This brings me to the story of Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.. With that being said, we  all know by now that these two C listers (I guess I'm feeling generous today) started messing around while both of them were still married to other people. Cut to present day: Eddie and Leann are married. Leann has an obsession with Twitter, and tweeting every single moment of her life. She is desperate  to convince people that her husband adores her, and goes about this with feeble twitter posts. (She even went to rehab- well, Tweethab, if you will).  I use this story because unfortunately, it is very similar to a current situation involving people I know. This made me realize how many times in life I have witnessed people who should be giving apologies, running around town laughing about being a prick.

Anyone who has remotely paid attention to Leann Rimes on social media knows that she did not hesitate to rub her affair in the face of her husband's then wife, once the affair came to light. If you are a married woman having an affair with a married father, don't you think enough hurt has been done for a lifetime? To post pictures of yourself with your new married boyfriend's children, along with captions that say "Hanging with my boys", within weeks of you leaving your husband being announced, is the ultimate example of someone feeling the need to act like a jackass- when they were already in the wrong.

Most people in those situations at least lay low for a while. Most people in those situations claim to feel guilty for the hurt they caused, and seek forgiveness.


Then there are the other types of people in those situations: People that seem to gloat over the fact that they have hurt someone. I can't help but think that anyone who would gloat over hurting someone is anything other than a sociopath. What else do you call it? Just being a plain bitch or heartless prick? No, it's deeper than that. The lack of empathy really stands out to me when I think of people who behave this way. Whether it be deep rooted insecurities, or someone who has emotional issues- know that this is indeed, a person with issues. There is absolutely nothing normal about making jokes and bragging about how you were a perpetrator in a situation.

So the next time you come across a person that seems to take delight in the fact that they have caused another person pain and heartache, just remember: You could very likely be dealing with a sociopath. And if they aren't a sociopath, then definitely a jackass. Either way, run for the hills.