Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Printed Leggings: Don't be afraid

When it comes to having prints and busy designs on pants or leggings, I just have never really been a fan. I always felt that  prints should be saved for tops and that pants/bottoms should be plain. However, much to my surprise, printed leggings have become my favorite trend this past year. I'm all about leggings during winter, but it gets boring wearing nothing but black and grey leggings every day. Finding printed leggings you like is an easy way to mix up your outfits while staying warm and comfortable during the winter months. From polka dots, leopard, stripes, holiday designs, to more simple designs, you can find printed leggings that suit you.

My tips for shopping for printed leggings:

1. The more bold the print, the more simple the rest of the outfit should be. You don't want it to be too much. I usually wear a plain top with knee high boots. The simplicity is a great balance for the design on the leggings.
2. Look for patterns/prints that you feel you will be able to get good use out of. The louder the print, the less you will want to wear it.
3. Remember, wearing printed leggings does draw more attention to your bottom half than usual, so make sure you like the way they fit and are comfortable to wear.
4. Knee high boots help balance out busy patterns/prints, so before you assume you think a pair of leggings may be "too much", try them on with what you would normally wear with them first.

You can pair your leggings with knee high boots, ankle boots, and even ballet flats (not pictured), in certain cases.