Saturday, May 10, 2014

Summer outfits 2014

Let me start by saying I realize the outfit in this post is the same color combo and similar to the outfit I posted last week. Anywho... One of my favorite trends right now are the bandeau layering tops and cropped bra tops ( or bra tops, whatever you want to call them). I must stress that I don't show my midriff when wearing them. I layer whatever crop top/bandeau I am wearing with a cami shirt. (stretchy enough so that I can wear leggings if I want). In the picture below I was actually wearing my cami under the cropped bra (with real bra under).

So basically, the reason I love the cropped bras as well as bandeaus is because it is a great way to easily layer and give more life to your outfits. I like to have three colors going on, and black/white/red = one of my favorite color combos, which is why I happened to take this picture on my phone. The black and white bra cropped top is what made this outfit so cute! Before caring to wear the crop tops, I would have just worn the red cami underneath the white tank, which would have been a little on the boring side. The layering bandeaus/cropped bras add another element to your wardrobe.

If you have days where you want to keep it casual yet still feel like you have a fun outfit going on, I highly recommend getting a few pairs of any layering cropped tops/bras. Forever 21 has several cute ones, and of course, they were cheap!