Monday, December 6, 2010

Last minute Christmas shopping, don't fret

For the woman (or women) in your life that give a lick about skincare- try Philosophy's Microdelivery peel kit (available at Sephora). It is $60.00 but will definitely make the woman in your life whom you want to get a "good" gift happy

Speaking of Sephora, this is a great go to spot for any of the females in your life that enjoy
a. Perfume
b. Makeup
c. Skincare

Most women care about at least one of the above, if not all, so Sephora is a great one stop shop for the women in your life.

Christian Dior has a string of successful perfumes that young women love

    A. Hypnotic Poison
    B.  Pure Poison
    C.  Midnight Poison
    D.  Miss Dior Cherie

Macy's is a great department store to shop at for the lovely ladies in your life. Depending on your budget, you can get a range of gifts, at different price points of course.

Remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed, you always have the option of a giftcard.  I don't know any person that wouldn't be happy with a card that allows them to put money towards any purchase of their choice. Some retailers have specials if you purchase enough giftcards from them. For every $100.00 in giftcards you spend at Albertsons, you receinve $20.00 towards your groceries. Something to ponder...

Itunes giftcards are a great idea- most people have itunes in some manner, whether its on their computer, through their phone, (or if they have an iphone). $15.00 on an itunes card can go a long way.