Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair Product Review - It's a 10

       This haircare line was introduced to me a few months ago by my manicurist. She told me to try the It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask (I had been complaining about my hair being dry, turns out, bleaching the **** out of it every month isn't so healthy for it afterall).  Anyways, I immediately fell in love with this product, and started trying other items offered by this line (The miracle moisture shampoo and the miracle daily conditioner)  Pay attention to the salons that carry this line- I have noticed the price points vary depending where you buy it. I buy my Its a 10 products from a salon that is close to my house, but not my actual salon. At the salon by my house the hair mask is 25.00   At the salon I get my hair done at, the miracle mask is 34.00 ! So again, pay attention to the price before you buy.  If you are having trouble finding a salon that carries this line, go to to place your orders. Most salons are starting to carry this line though, so hopefully you can find it in person.