Sunday, January 16, 2011

So nice she wore it twice...Wardrobe Favortism

        I was looking through some recent pictures of mine lately, and realized how much I use some of the same clothing/accessories on a weekly basis. Whether its my favorite pair of boots or a great jacket, I tend to use the same pieces in my daily wardrobe.  However, due to the way I mix what I wear things with (like the boots, one day I might wear  with skinny jeans, the next time wear with a dress), you don't really notice that I recently wore it. Instead of calling myself an outfit repeater, I'd like to think of myself as someone who plays favorites with items in my closet. Every person does though. Even filthy rich celebrities have their favorite go to pieces that you may spot them wearing on several different occassions. I don't believe in spending money on cheap products that will fall apart after a couple of wears. (Unless I want a cupe top that I might wear once, I head to Forever 21 like any other female). I do, however, believe in investment pieces - ie, pieces that may be a little more pricey then you like, however, due to them being practical pieces and pieces you adore, you know that you will get a lot of use out of them. For example, in wintertime I find it very practical to spend money on at least one pair of boots that you adore. I always go for grey and black boots, seeing as how those colors are so very easy to work with and also chic looking. I also favor flat boots that are over the knee. The fact that they are flat means I can wear them all day, even to something like a concert, and be comfortable the whole time. The fact that they are tall and over the knee- makes me feel sexy. Therefore, spending $90 on a pair of boots that meets these needs is more than worth it to me. In honor of fashion favortism, here are some pictures of my favorite celebrities wearing their favorite go to pieces.       

                    Sienna Miller mixes it up
                           Sienna Miller shows two very different ways to wear this cute tank top. It's always great to find two different looks for the same piece. More bang for your buck I say. The tank is Susie Rose, first picture given a simple yet girly look with her skirt and flats. In the second picture, she wears the Susie Rose tank with boyfriend jeans and flip flops.

            "Is it  a dress, or a shirt?" Jessica Simpson  asked out loud.  "It's a tunic", replies her stylist. Jess then procedes to look up 'Tunic' on google. 

                                                     Jess is spotted not only sporting the same tunic, but the same pair of heels as well

                      Victoria Beckham doesn't have to buy a new purse every day of her life, here she is with this cute leopard bag on different occassions.

Whitney Port loves her Wildfox Coutore Top

Diane Kruger shows two very different ways to wear this black and white scarf. First look: With a casual tee, jeans, and heels. Second look- keeping it cute and classy with a dress and flats.