Saturday, March 19, 2011

Groovy. Psychedellic. Far out. The 70's are back!

As I've talked about in previous posts, 70's inspired trends have taken over this season. From  flare pants to tie dye shirts and dresses, its hard not to feel like you've stepped into a different era while out shopping. Crochet pieces and maze patterns are some other elements that add to the 70's vibe.  If you want to pick up a few boho inspired pieces, you can do it without spending very much money at all, thanks to Forever 21. They have tons of 70's flare going on, with endless selections of shirts and dresses. Check out some pictures from my latest trip there...

  This bright crochet sweater screams 70's!                     $39.00

                                                                  Crochet Sweat- 39.00          

                                      Groovy print dress            $19.99

              sheer material with floral/feather design and stitching

                                        Faux fur piece over a tie dye dress (fur is everywhere too right now)

                               Zig zag patterns- found on numerous tops and dresses

                                       bright zig zag dress                                                                  

Boho necklace         $6.80

                               Platform shoes I saw and fell in love with...luckily they didn't have my size ( I spent enough money on shopping for that week)

                                   Some flower power         $25.00

That is just a smidgen of all the groovy 70's inspired trends out do you feel about the 70's trend?