Friday, August 26, 2011

Clutch much?

I'm very aware that clutches are not a new trend. However, this past year, clutches have taken over. I have a few clutches that I think are very cute, but I have a problem with them. You see, I am so accustomed to always having a large purse with me, the idea of having something small to carry in my hand all night seems a bit foreign. Also, carrying a clutch to me feels like carrying a wallet. It would be so easy to get distracted somewhere...set it down, then have it be lost forever. Having said that, I had to ease my way into the concept of taking a clutch out with me night after night. Once I realized that I would only loose the clutch if I had too much to drink, I understood it was just like a purse, only more convenient.
    1- yellow clutch, Forever 21
2- turqoise clutch at Barney's
3-Floral lace clutch, Forever 21
4-Pink envelope clutch,                           
5- Striped clutch, Edie Parker at Barney's
6-Coral clutch, Rebecca Minkoff the "MAC" clutch
7- House of Harlow "Tilly" studded clutch
8-Suzy Smith Velvet charm clutch bag
9-Valentino satin clutch with bow

                  If you are tired of digging through your large purses like I was, you might want to consider having some clutches on hand. Not only that, I have found with certain dresses, large purses will not do. Sometimes, a delicate dress needs a clutch to go with it...not an oversized purse.  The picture above shows 9 of my favorite clutches for this upcoming season. The clutches in the picture range anywhere in price from $29.00 to $2,000  ( I do not own the $2,000 ones ;)   )     Forever 21, Topshop, Claire's and Macy's are some of the most common stores you can find cute clutches in.