Saturday, July 28, 2012

Current loves


Who doesn't love bright colors during summertime? I was so tired of black and gray everywhere, even though I love black and gray- it is just so refreshing to see pops of color again! I am especially loving the neon jewelry and handbags. I am in love with the hotpink handbag in the picture below. Don't be afraid to try neons this summer, this is a fun trend.  If you aren't sure about purchasing a pair of neon pumps or a bright dress why not a cute neon clutch or handbag? Or, for a fun DIY project, you could purchase a neon spray paint from Michael's or a Home Depot type store and spray paint some of your own jewelry.


I haven't been under a rock or anything, I am aware that the Spike trend has been going strong for a while now. However, over the past 6 months or so I can't seem to get enough of them! I think what I'm drawn to with spikes is they are edgy/punk rockish but they can be mixed beautifully with more feminime pieces, such as crystals.  Not only are they fun with jewelry, but spike studs add a fun element to purses/handbags as well as shoes (think Converse). 


Here is a great DIY tutorial from the blog B Headed from back in December on how to stud your own Converse Great blog that I recommend checking out!

  To try to get my love for spikes out of my system, I decided to make my own necklace incorporating them. I love the way the spikes look next to the crystal beads.  This necklace looks great with so many different things- from dresses to a tank and jeans.


      Take a look around my Etsy store, more things to come soon!

The Ring manicure


This is a fun little trend. I haven't tried it though.

Like every season, there are several new takes on trends to be discussed- but these are just the trends that I am really into right now! 

What are your favorite trends right now?