Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer beauty product must haves


Don't have a meltdown


We make changes to our wardrobe in the summertime in order to deal with the heat properly and we should do the same with our beauty routine. Temperatures reach around 110 ° where I live, so making changes to my beauty routine during summer is an absolute must.  Below are a few basics I myself have found to be must have products for dealing with the summer heat.

  SPF tinted moisturizer- a good tinted moisturizer will make you feel like you hardly need to put any foundation on. I have tried Benefit's Rebel and loved how thick it comes out, but goes on so smoothly. It gives nice coverage and color to the face. For a cheaper tinted moisturizer, I often use Sonia Kashuk (a Target brand)SPF  tinted moisturizer. It does a decent job, but I do prefer Benefit's Rebel, which comes in two shades: the white bottle is the lighter shade.

                                         You Rebel spf 15 -  $30.00 at Macy's and Sephora

                                 Sonia Kashuk Tinted moisturizer spf 15 -  $13.00 at Target

Waterproof Mascara - used to be flaky and impossible to get off, but waterproof mascara has come a long way. For me, there is no other option in the summertime. Otherwise, I would have it running under my eyes all the time. I am still a happy camper with Revlon's Stiletto lash waterproof mascara. Only $6. 

Tinted body lotion - my favorite is Benefit's Jiffytan. This is usually a last minute go to for me, when I realize my legs or arms are looking a little pale. This fixes the problem in no time. The lotion goes on right away with color so you can easily see if you have any streaks that need to be rubbed in. It washes off easily but lasts well during hot summer days. Thre are several other lotions out there that will give you instant color, but this is the only one I have personaly tried.

A good bronzer goes a long way. I use it on my neck as well as my face to give me more color. I switch my bronzers up time to time, but lately I've been using one by MAC


Spray deodorant- I realize this may be a random beauty product must have, but when it is disgustingly hot outside, what can I say, it feels so good to spray on cold deodorant. And that is pretty much my reason for the spray deodorant, it feels so refreshing and cold!