Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wearing shorts with high heels 101

Trends we love

   A trend that is really popular right now for summer is shorts with high heels, or should I say short shorts with high heels. I have to say, the idea of wearing short shorts with high heels has always seemed a bit stripperish to me. I like to keep things classy. I've found that when done right, you can still wear short shorts with high heels and not look trashy. However, there are a few things I recommend for this look:

                                         1. Make sure your shorts fit you well. You dont want them too small otherwise they go up at the crotch when you walk. Nice.
                                         2. Have some color on your legs- listen I know not everyone has olive skin or tans easily, but even fair skinned folks can get color on their legs. I love lotions made by both Jergens and Neutrogena that give you a natural looking glow. It really makes a difference. You can of course also achieve this by laying out in the sun or the spray tan.
                                         3. Have your legs moisturized- if you dont care about having color on your legs still make sure you use lotion so your legs look smooth.
                                         4. Shave your legs
                                         5. The shorter the short, the more conservative the top- basically its about balance people. I say the shorter the short, the less cleavage your top should have. I'm not saying you have to wear an ugly grandma top, Im just saying dont completely have your boobs spilling out, your already showing your legs off. So be mindful of your overall look in this scenario. I have cute shorts that almost go to my knees, so in that case, I wear a lower cut top if I want.
                                          Use your own judgement to decide whether or not the particular shorts you are wearing look good with the particular pair of shoes you plan to wear. I still say sometimes the shorts can be too short. Obviously, using a shorter shoe might help with this issue.

              These are just my personal preferences and recommendations for how to wear this look. I should mention that I prefer dress shorts over denim shorts. Yes denim shorts are cute, but to me its like the difference between jeans and slacks- slacks look nicer. To me, dress shorts just look nicer than denim. Again, my own preference.