Sunday, July 24, 2011

Urban Decay Roller Girl

Urban Decay

Urban Decay has become a recent favorite of mine and I had started to notice all the pretty eyeshadows they make.


I had been itchin to get some new eyeshadows for a while, so I finally gave in last week. I went to Sephora (which is always a good time, intense, but a good time) and took a good look around. They have quite a few good palettes to choose from but I finally ended up choosing the Roller Girl palette. It has two shades of brown that I like to use constantly, as well as a lighter shade to use to highlight.

It also has a fun hotpink shade called Woodstock. Also, this palette came with a cute pink gloss. Not bad at all for $32.   Plus, the packaging is super cute, which I'm always a sucker for.

                                   Roller Girl palette  $32 at Sephora

 Colors :  Woodstock, Verve, Suspect and Dark Horse

For my wishlist: Urban Decay's Naked palette    $48 at Sephora


       With this palette you get 12 shades of eyeshadows for only $16 more than the Roller girl palette.  I choose the Roller girl palette because I didn't think I needed ALL of the shades that came with Naked, but now I think I would use all of them. So, the  Naked palette is on my list for my next eyeshadow purchase.

        It can be hard to make myself splurge on makeup when I have other things to pay for, but I never feel bad when I go with a palette. I really think you get the most for your money when you find a palette you like vs buying just one eyeshadow at a time. Urban decay's eyeshadows are around $20 each, so to pay $32 for a palette that has 4 colors makes me feel a lot better!

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What was your latest makeup splurge?