Thursday, September 15, 2011

Outfit of the day - Forever 21, Nicole Miller

I am loving the weather lately - not too hot, but still nice and sunny outside. Because it still looks like summer weatherwise, I have been continuing to use one of my favorite white handbags. I know this sounds petty but usually this time of year I like to switch everything to darker colors, it just seems appropriate when approaching the winter months. However, since it looks nothing like winter yet, I feel I am justified in continuing to carry white! Speaking of white- I went to Forever 21 a couple days ago and found this white, sheer sleeved top that I love. It looks nice and was only $14

White top - Forever 21 , $14.00
Jeans- Forever 21, $25
Nude heels - Nicole Miller
Necklace- Forever 21, $7.80

 Handbag - a boutique in Santa Cruz for about $50