Sunday, September 25, 2011

Outfit of the day: Sleeveless sweater cardigan w/ leggings and pumps

 While bored at work today I decided I would do my best using my phone to get some pictures of my outfit....ehhh. That was frustrating but I got a few pictures to give you an idea of my outfit.

                                         This is a gray sleeveless  sweater cardigan. What is great about these is they can be worn with a long sleeve underneath or with a cami- thus keeping the sleeveless look. Since it's still warm where I live I opted to keep it sleeveless with a strethchy long cami underneath. However,  wearing a bright long sleeve top underneath it would give it a completely different look and is great for winter. Cardigans are always great to have on hand for winter, whether they be long sleeve or short sleeve, but as I said with the short sleeve ones, you can mix it up and get the bost of both worlds. Instead of using the gray belt that came with this sweater I decided to use a leopard belt.

Nevermind that my cami is totally croocked, just trying to show what the top of the cardigan looks like

Moving on to the bottom half of the outfit- I kept it simple by wearing black leggings and loafer pumps.

I love these shoes with the leggings!

And that's a glimpse of my outfit for the day. I'm excited winter is around the corner so that I can start wearing more cardigans and layering!