Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Poncho, Two Different Looks

In my last post I talked about how great cardigans are for winter because you can do so many different things with them. Well, moving on to another great staple for winter, it's time to talk about the poncho. One of the reasons I love the  poncho is the same reason I love my favorite type of clothing, dresses: They are easy to wear! You throw them on and out you go.  And also- they are loose fitting, so they are perfect for days you may be feeling a little bloated or what have you. This morning it started to rain, and while I was rushing late for school, I knew I wanted to be in something "comfy" to wear .  I remembered a creamy colored poncho I had been waiting to wear once the weather got cooler. I decided to pair my poncho with leggings and moccassins, which was perfect for the weather and the mood I was in.

Yes, ponchos are great for when you are in a laid back, no fuss mood...but make no mistake about it, they can also be dressed up. For the second look, I wanted a night look- so I paired my poncho with dark leggings and tall boots.

I appreciate the snake detail on the platform and heel- nice extra touch


Cream poncho- Mudd, available at Kohl's
Grey leggings- Target
Black leggings- Forever 21
Gold necklace- Forever 21
Beige moccasins-  Kohl's
Grey boots- Baker's (last season)

The most expensive piece in the outfits above is the gray boots, which  I found on sale for $70. Not bad!


When it comes to which look I like better- I am torn. Both were fun to wear, although my moccassins are definitely easier to run around in then those boots...