Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cheap thrills and deals at Costco

For the first time in about 3 years, I went to Costco yesterday with my mom. We were absolutely mesmerized by everything in the store. Don't get me wrong- Costco having fun merchandise at low prices is nothing new...but I had no idea just how exciting some of my findings would be, especially in the beauty area.

   My first thrill came when, out of nowhere, displayed before me were Betsey Johnson makeup bags, 3 for $19. A small one, medium one and large one. Perfect! I had been needing to buy a new makeup bag or two but wanted to wait until I found one I liked.


Betsey Johnson 3 piece makeup bag set $19.99

Not the best picture, I took this on my iphone. But you get the idea. I love her rose pattern, very cute. The medium size bag is glossy black, very chic. Behind the black bag is the largest bag, which is the perfect size for me. I like having a larger makeup bag with me at all times. I think the smallest one is perfect for keeping lip products in, lip liners and lipsticks are easy to loose so I like to have them in a smaller bag.

My next thrill came when I saw the Fekkai shampoo they sale...I wasn't aware that Costco was selling Salon brand shampoos. I've used Fekkai before, which I thought you could only get at Bath and Body Works.

Fekkai set $29.99

                           This Fekkai set sales for $29.99 at Costco- each individual product is at least $25 at Bath and Body Works

   I think the biggest thrill came when I realized they carry some products by Stila and Smashbox cosmetics, which are 50% less then what they go for on the Stila and Smashbox websites.

                                                         Still palettes     $19.99

                                         Stilla duo eyeshadow kit-   $19.99


                                                     Smaxbox set-       $19.99

    I have also heard that Costco carries Mac eyeshadows. I have yet to see this but I don't doubt it's true.

                                     Costco also has a great electronic department

      With all the excitement over the beauty/electronic merchandise, I almost forgot that Costco has food. Seriously, they have everything. I didn't even talk about the cool toys for little kids. Soo...I will definitely be doing more shopping there in the future.  Possibly some Christmas shopping if I make it back in time. I haven't had that much fun shopping in I don't know how long.

Now, I do remember seeing these on my last trip to creeped me out three years ago and still creeps me out now.

  Do they have everything or what?