Friday, October 14, 2011

Winter layering 101 : Part 2

In the previous post I skimmed over all the basic pieces for your wardrobe that you will need for layering. In this post I put together a few outfits, combining the basic pieces with the outerwear pieces.

   Layering   basic pieces with the blazer

              As you can see, I have taken basic pieces and paired them each with a blazer to show different ways to use your basics with classics (classic being the blazer). The white collar shirt under the blazer definitely gives it more of a professional look. The t shirt and cami are more casual but can still be dressed up.

In the first look, a  basic piece with the poncho/ In the second look, a basic cami with a cardigan


            I mentioned earlier how I enjoy having basic pieces such as long sleeves in bold colors from time to time. I love the yellow long sleeve crew neck under the black poncho. In the next look, a white cami works nicely with rich red cardigan. Of course, on a colder day, you could wear something heavier under the poncho or cardigan.

The next look is an example of dressing for super cold weather by optimizing the number of layers you use. Here I paired a simple long sleeve and a cardigan  with a trench.


Next is a tunic paired with a cardigan and scarf

This last image is an overall look I created to illustrate layering. I used a white shawl to go over the red blouse; over that goes the trench and scarf. For the bottom half, I used red socks, which go past the boots by a few inches. The red socks are layered over black leggings, giving extra detail to the outfit.

PS - anyone notice a color combination that I'm into?

Also- do you have any neat layering ideas? I'd love to see them!