Sunday, September 25, 2011

Outfit of the day: Sleeveless sweater cardigan w/ leggings and pumps

 While bored at work today I decided I would do my best using my phone to get some pictures of my outfit....ehhh. That was frustrating but I got a few pictures to give you an idea of my outfit.

                                         This is a gray sleeveless  sweater cardigan. What is great about these is they can be worn with a long sleeve underneath or with a cami- thus keeping the sleeveless look. Since it's still warm where I live I opted to keep it sleeveless with a strethchy long cami underneath. However,  wearing a bright long sleeve top underneath it would give it a completely different look and is great for winter. Cardigans are always great to have on hand for winter, whether they be long sleeve or short sleeve, but as I said with the short sleeve ones, you can mix it up and get the bost of both worlds. Instead of using the gray belt that came with this sweater I decided to use a leopard belt.

Nevermind that my cami is totally croocked, just trying to show what the top of the cardigan looks like

Moving on to the bottom half of the outfit- I kept it simple by wearing black leggings and loafer pumps.

I love these shoes with the leggings!

And that's a glimpse of my outfit for the day. I'm excited winter is around the corner so that I can start wearing more cardigans and layering!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Outfit of the day - Forever 21, Nicole Miller

I am loving the weather lately - not too hot, but still nice and sunny outside. Because it still looks like summer weatherwise, I have been continuing to use one of my favorite white handbags. I know this sounds petty but usually this time of year I like to switch everything to darker colors, it just seems appropriate when approaching the winter months. However, since it looks nothing like winter yet, I feel I am justified in continuing to carry white! Speaking of white- I went to Forever 21 a couple days ago and found this white, sheer sleeved top that I love. It looks nice and was only $14

White top - Forever 21 , $14.00
Jeans- Forever 21, $25
Nude heels - Nicole Miller
Necklace- Forever 21, $7.80

 Handbag - a boutique in Santa Cruz for about $50

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I spy...

On a recent trip to Macy's, I saw some darling shoes by Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, and BCBG. I am loving the ankle booties, which were huge last fall and will be once again this year. My absolute favorite trend for shoes for fall this season though  is the Mary Jane heel. A true feminime classic if you ask me. Ankle booties and the Mary Jane heel can be seen in every shoe store already for fall.

                         1. BCBG Harley peep toe Mary Jane
                         2. Jessica Simpson "Cheetah" Mary Jane
                         3. Steve Madden Annnie Wedge bootie (yes Annnie with 3 n's )
                         4. Steve Madden "Watchout" wedge
                         5. Steve Madden "Annie L Leopard" bootie

I am trying to be good and not buy anything for a while, but I still wanted to share this little wishlist with you! What fall trends are you looking forward to?